Sportful partnership continues in 2021!

Super stoked to keep on working with the Sportful family! I’ve been partnering up with this superior brand since 2018 and together we have been through some successful years.

Last year, in 2020, I got a chance to visit the Sportful HQ in Feltre, Italy. Firstly I could see how new clothing is created by their designers. Secondly, I had a look at how much attention they have for detail, everything needs to be perfect. Thirdly, and most importantly, seeing how much effort and research is put in choosing fabric is just mind-blowing! To sum up, it was a great experience to have a look behind the scenes and seeing everything fall into place when the final product arrives.

Sportful also provides me with my custom kit, which is very important as all of my partners are getting visibility on the jersey. Therefore, I work together with their custom experts, which is almost a tailoring business. It only took 8 weeks from having an idea to actually wearing the new kit!

Both from Sportful’s side as from myself there was no doubt that we wanted to continue this partnership. In conclusion, this coöperation has some great years to come!

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